How to be organised

A fun Monday post. Starting it with how to be organised.

be organisedEveryone wants to be organised, but the worldwide known thing called ‘laziness’ wouldn’t allow that to manifest into our reality.

I have tried and tasted many methods to this, seriously. I am a self proclaimed ‘lazy perfectionist’. I always get things done, but I would need to motivate and organise myself in a way that I would do it. These are just general tips on becoming a more organised person.

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Freshers week: tips to survive it.

A different kind of post today. Since its summer and September will be coming up i thought id start with these sort of posts.

Freshers week; if you are living in the UK and starting Uni then you will most definitely experience freshers week…and the freshers flu. For most universities in UK, It lasts a week, and for few others it is two weeks. For my Uni it lasted two weeks, and i only went out few times.

freshsers week

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Guide to packing a hand luggage…for a short trip

Well hello there.

Packing may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or champagne) but it’s definitely mine, I love packing! Then again, I also love hotel rooms and moving. I would like to think of myself as a bit of a pro when it comes to packing, the reason; I have packed a lot (practise makes perfect right?) and I prefer a small luggage which I take in with me if I’m going on a short holiday. I managed to go Turkey for a week and a half, with only a small hand luggage and I still had some space left in it so I could do a little shopping there, I didn’t even wear few of the things I’ve packed. Anyway, here I am giving tips on packing.

>>> Leggings, black trousers/jeans and a black skirt are bit of necessities. Black trousers is a classic and black is a colour that goes with everything! It’s useful to pack few items that you can re-wear with about top or shoes. Black will always be the new black.
>>> A tank top and a lightweight jumper or a cardigan is also another necessity clothing items. With tops; pack about 6. Tops tend to be more lightweight than the bottoms.
>>Make sure you plan your outfits when packing; plan them in your mind, write them down, use an app that will help you create your outfit…anything. I usually write my outfits down so I don’t forget as I have a bit of a Dory memory. Again, take versatile clothing, that you could rematch and leave that yellow jeans that only goes with that white top at home.

>>> One pair of heels should be enough but I tend to rebel and take two just in case and never wear the second one as I am always stuck in my flats that I wore in the first place. So, see- one pair is enough. Make sure it goes with many outfit combos. For my Florida trip I’ll be taking my beige heels that goes with many outfit combos (but I also threw in my black pumps) and I can re-wear it.

>>To save a bit of space, stuff some clothing items inside the shoes. Another method to save space is to roll your clothes.

>>It is useful to take hair straighteners which could double as an iron for the clothes. Take thin ones as they are lighter and doesn’t take up much space, I prefer these.

>>>Do take cosy fluffy socks! Also make sure it is within easy reach so you can wear it on the plane. Your feet will love you for it. Planes could get cold and feet are easily cold.

>>Headphones, book, face wipes and a scarf are a must, everyone knows this. Maybe a camera too. I usually also take notepad, pen, tissues, paracetamol and Vaseline.

>> It is useful to pack few carrier bags, you never know when it might come handy. It is useful for -Dirty laundry.
-To put in food.
-A gift item.
-Put in something that is spilled.
-keeping the luggage organised.

>>> Gels, creams, pastes and any other liquids must still be in containers of no more than 100ml and placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag which isn’t larger 20cmx20cm. I usually put this in my bag rather than the luggage to make it easier to take out and put back in.

I hope this what somewhat helpful and I’ll also do travel beauty essentials post soon. Happy packing!

Love, Z

When to know you’re ready for a big chop


2014 has been the year where many people (mainly celebs) went for a shorter hair. Anna Hathaway, Audrey Tatou, Taylor Swift to name a few, have also been seeing people supporting short hair styles in the streets of London too.
My reason to go for a shorter hairstyle was because I was very annoyed with my hair and wanted a change.

Here are a list of things to consider before going for a drastic hair change.

1. Do your research – go online and look for that perfect hairstyle. Lots of research is needed and next time you go to the hairdressers show them the picture. Also, don’t research just the hairstyles also research the salon. There are lots of hair salons and it’s important to find one that you’re comfortable with and trust.

2. Leave it for a month – if you still want that new hairstyle after about a month then go for it. If not, then it was a good idea to wait – wasn’t it?

3. Don’t change it before a big event – I wish someone told me this. Never change your hair before a big event, never! it might not turn out how you want it to and you’ll just regret it. Imagine having a drastic hair change right before prom and hating it, wouldn’t the night be not so nice?

4. Dont do it on a whim – Another mistake of mine. Don’t make hasty decisions just because you had a bad day or something. Don’t take it out on your hair: not a good idea, I’ve had a first hand experience.

5. Try virtual hair apps – There are lots of programs out there where you could alter your look, change hairstyle. These are helpful to decide what suits you and you’ll know not to go for something that won’t suit you. I used an app before I went red and I liked it so the app was helpful. I used the face tune app on iPhone.

6. Know your face shape – Get a change according to your face shape, you could ask the hairdresser to help with this and advice you on the best styles for your face.

7. Your lifestyle – go for a hair cut that would match with your lifestyle. If you don’t like or have the time to be spending hours on your hair every morning then don’t go for something high maintenance.

8. Be realistic – if you’re taking inspiration from celebs, know that they have hairstylist that style their hair. So best not to completely copy them.

9. Consider your hair texture – short hair and some hair textures aren’t very compatible. Make sure a hairstyle you want gets along with your hair texture.

10. Don’t do it yourself – Nope, not a good idea. Don’t go there I already have.

The last time I had a hair cut was a bit out of an impulse, my hair was about waist length I got it cut around shoulder length. Truth be told; I first cut it myself because I thought ‘hey why not’ well, the next day I went Into the hairdresser to cut it more. I did like my shorter do, but it’s grown now and I. Trying to grow it more. I don’t really have a lot of picture with a long straight hair as I don’t straighten it much and my hair was quite damaged thanks to colouring it a lot (I have used nearly all hair dyes in boots and Sally’s). Below is a picture of the change, second picture is from a photoshoot I had after changing it.


I came across a saying ‘Appley ever after’ how cute is it?

Appley ever after.

Love, Z

10 tips for hair growth

My hair grows pretty quick and it is thick despite dying it a lot. I get asked a lot to about it so I thoughts I’d share my tips on hair.

This year I have promised myself not to cut or dye my hair, and to grow it like it was before.
Right, let’s get to work. Below are the list of things that has personally helped in the growth of my hair

1. Drink lots of water – water is good for everything.

2. Eat a lot of Protein – egg, fruit, fish, red meat…and all that lot. Except the fruit and veg, I tend to eat a lot protein and I think it all goes to my hair.

3. Comb it – instead of brushing, comb it more. I guess the comb massages the roots whilst doing it and that helps promote hair growth.

4. Don’t use heat – pretty self explanatory, heat damages the hair and if you want to grow your hair you also want it to be healthy right? So instead of blow drying use natural air to dry. Skip the curlers and the straighteners too.

5. Use oils rather than using products with a lot of harmful chemicals, use essential oils to make hair shiny, healthy and strong. Coconut oil is a good one as well as almond oil. Apply it to hair leave it overnight and then wash it off, maybe do it every week I’m quite lazy so I do it like once or month or something.

6. Condition – condition the ends, never the root. Conditioning hair makes it soft and easier to manage.

7. Braid it – not tight, a bit loose. But do it often; I usually braid my hair after washing it and sleep like that, I part it into two – and end up with curlyish hair.

8. Sun helps – I saw somewhere hair grows faster in the summer. Although too much sun isn’t healthy for the hair but it is still good for it, just don’t stay out in the sun so long.

9. Avoid swimming pools Swimming pools have chlorine and that damages the hair a LOT. Try to avoid it as much as you can.

10. Stay happy – weird one, yes. Stay stress free, don’t stress over stuff as this causes hair fall out, stops hair growth. So stay happy- this doesn’t just apply to hair growth either.

Can’t wait to have a long hair again, my hair is already below the shoulder length. I might do monthly pictures to see my progress.

Love. Z