Things I learned in London. #2

I had a ‘Things I learned in London‘ post last year and I thought I’ll make a part 2.


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When to know you’re ready for a big chop


2014 has been the year where many people (mainly celebs) went for a shorter hair. Anna Hathaway, Audrey Tatou, Taylor Swift to name a few, have also been seeing people supporting short hair styles in the streets of London too.
My reason to go for a shorter hairstyle was because I was very annoyed with my hair and wanted a change.

Here are a list of things to consider before going for a drastic hair change.

1. Do your research – go online and look for that perfect hairstyle. Lots of research is needed and next time you go to the hairdressers show them the picture. Also, don’t research just the hairstyles also research the salon. There are lots of hair salons and it’s important to find one that you’re comfortable with and trust.

2. Leave it for a month – if you still want that new hairstyle after about a month then go for it. If not, then it was a good idea to wait – wasn’t it?

3. Don’t change it before a big event – I wish someone told me this. Never change your hair before a big event, never! it might not turn out how you want it to and you’ll just regret it. Imagine having a drastic hair change right before prom and hating it, wouldn’t the night be not so nice?

4. Dont do it on a whim – Another mistake of mine. Don’t make hasty decisions just because you had a bad day or something. Don’t take it out on your hair: not a good idea, I’ve had a first hand experience.

5. Try virtual hair apps – There are lots of programs out there where you could alter your look, change hairstyle. These are helpful to decide what suits you and you’ll know not to go for something that won’t suit you. I used an app before I went red and I liked it so the app was helpful. I used the face tune app on iPhone.

6. Know your face shape – Get a change according to your face shape, you could ask the hairdresser to help with this and advice you on the best styles for your face.

7. Your lifestyle – go for a hair cut that would match with your lifestyle. If you don’t like or have the time to be spending hours on your hair every morning then don’t go for something high maintenance.

8. Be realistic – if you’re taking inspiration from celebs, know that they have hairstylist that style their hair. So best not to completely copy them.

9. Consider your hair texture – short hair and some hair textures aren’t very compatible. Make sure a hairstyle you want gets along with your hair texture.

10. Don’t do it yourself – Nope, not a good idea. Don’t go there I already have.

The last time I had a hair cut was a bit out of an impulse, my hair was about waist length I got it cut around shoulder length. Truth be told; I first cut it myself because I thought ‘hey why not’ well, the next day I went Into the hairdresser to cut it more. I did like my shorter do, but it’s grown now and I. Trying to grow it more. I don’t really have a lot of picture with a long straight hair as I don’t straighten it much and my hair was quite damaged thanks to colouring it a lot (I have used nearly all hair dyes in boots and Sally’s). Below is a picture of the change, second picture is from a photoshoot I had after changing it.


I came across a saying ‘Appley ever after’ how cute is it?

Appley ever after.

Love, Z