10 Happy Feelings

Just 10 happy feelings for now.


Quiet Mornings.

Drinking warm cup of tea.

Watching a sunset or sunrise.

Scents that brings happy memories.

Watching a heavy rain when all warm and cosy inside.

Night drives with music on high volume.

Bonfire at the beach in summer.

Sitting by a fireplace.

Being around people you love.

Getting into clean new bedsheets after a bath.

Love, E

Have an awesome day. Appleyeverafter.


What i used up. | Time to budget.

What i used up?

For the next three month i will try to use up the makeup products i already own before buying new ones. I don’t wear makeup every single day, and i own a lot, bit of a hoarder so it takes time for me to use up. So far i have only used up 4 makeup products.

products i used up, bourjois, maxfactor mascara, porefessional benefit, barry m lip gloss

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