My top 3 perfumes

The ones I always reach for.

top 3 perfumes

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Beauty essentials for travelling


I love travelling, and I always tend to take what’s necessary (and maybe few extra bits), well what I think it’s necessary. Here is my little guide.
The picture above, is my Boss case, which I use for makeup when travelling, I received it as a gift when I purchased boss orange perfume ages ago.


1. A moisturiser is a must , which I know everyone knows. I use the one by simple at the moment. I bought a small container from Primark where I put a bit of the product so I don’t take the whole thing. Also a good primer, it’s not absolute necessary but I seem to take it with me.

2. A lip balm! I’m not sure if it’s something to do with travelling, but lips tend to get dry. Currently I am loving Carmex, which I wear frequently.

3. A trusty base/foundation. I have used a lot of foundation brands, but Bourjois is my current favourite. Hydrating, looks natural, doesn’t dry out, and it’s amazing…for me, I have the shade vanilla from the range healthy mix serum. Take a foundation that you can rely on.

4. Sometimes I wear just a concealer when I don’t feel like putting anything else on and this tends to travel everywhere with me, it’s the Rimmel wake me up concealer in the lightest shade. I’m just too pale.

5. One mascara should be enough. My all time favourite is LancĂ´me hypnose which I’ve been raving about in my previous posts too.

6. A natural toned eyeshadow palette to create different looks, rather than taking single eyeshadows, or colourful/bright ones; keep on the safe side. As you guys know I absolutely love my L’oreal nude palette rose. Ten shades, can mix and match to create any look. While I was in France; in the day time I used lighter shades but went darker by night and my friends complimented me on it which made me happy. And also a regular black eye liner/pencil.

7. Red lipstick. A must in my books, I love red that’s not secret. Red lipstick is a necessary item for any makeup bag, it’s a classic and you never know when you might need it. A little tricky to apply, but I think best way to apply it is with a brush or you can just patiently do it straight from the tube without going Miranda Sings on it. The one I took was MAC ruby woo. Also a nude shade that compliments a skin tone is also useful to take and another lipstick. I usually take about 4, I tend to take lip liners too.

And of course, being a perfume addict this was a hard decision for me to just take only one perfume but in the end I settled on Miss Dior blooming bouquet and as soon as we arrived there I bought three more perfumes (oops).

Another little tip: travel as much as you can and whenever you can, every moment counts! Happy travelling.

Appley ever after

Love, E.Z

what the nights are made for.

If you haven’t already read my previous post about day 1 and 2 in the ship in Bahamas, you can go read it here.

The dinner was great, i felt much better than the previous day and i enjoyed my food more. i opted for chicken dish, caesar salad for starter and for dessert i had chocolate sensation, true to its name it tasted delicious. i wish i took a picture of it. the dress code was cocktail dress for females and i hadn’t took a dress as i already planned to wear a midi skirt and top which looks dressy.

outfit for the cocktail dress dinner

outfit for the cocktail dress dinner

outfit for the cocktail dress dinner

i went for something simple but dressy.

Off the shoulder lace top – Lipsy

Midi skirt – H&M basic

Peep toe platform heels – Houseoffraser

Blazer – New look

With hair and makeup, i also wanted something simple. Took a quick selfie to show.

cocktail party makeup


  • Simple moisturiser
  • Benefit porefessional primer
  • Benefit fakeup concealer in light
  • Bourjois healthy mix foundation in vanilla
  • Bourjois bronzing powder 51


  • Loreal eye shadow palette
  • Loreal superliner, eyeliner
  • lancome hypnoses drama mascara
  • Maybelline eyebrow pencil in medium brown


  • No7 lipliner in Nude
  • Bourjois rouge edition lipstick in Brun boheme (dabbed only a little)

Jewellery was a christmas present- earring, necklace and finger top ring set from river island.

After the dinner, there was a party on the deck. it was a lot of fun. i tried waiting for the sun to rise but i ended up going to sleep at around 4am. Nights are made for dancing, no?

Appley ever after

Love, E.Z