10 Happy Feelings

Just 10 happy feelings for now.


Quiet Mornings.

Drinking warm cup of tea.

Watching a sunset or sunrise.

Scents that brings happy memories.

Watching a heavy rain when all warm and cosy inside.

Night drives with music on high volume.

Bonfire at the beach in summer.

Sitting by a fireplace.

Being around people you love.

Getting into clean new bedsheets after a bath.

Love, E

Have an awesome day. Appleyeverafter.


Goodbye 2015

Waving goodbye to 2015, it was nice knowing you.


As soon as 2016 started I have been buried in my notes and on blackboard studying for my exams which are starting next week. I realised I hadn’t blogged since before christmas and I decided to do a little 2015 review. I was going to do a month by month but decided to just write an overall thought on it to keep it short. 

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Life got in the way

Someone asked me why I don’t do that something anymore and I replied with “life got in the way” and he laughed at me.

Not a usual kind of post today, I just wanted a little ramble.


I have been blogging for little over a year now, I try post often and I am very glad I have started. The other day I was going through old posts and thinking I should probably document more on my life to look back in the future but without being way too personal.  Continue reading