10 Happy Feelings

Just 10 happy feelings for now.


Quiet Mornings.

Drinking warm cup of tea.

Watching a sunset or sunrise.

Scents that brings happy memories.

Watching a heavy rain when all warm and cosy inside.

Night drives with music on high volume.

Bonfire at the beach in summer.

Sitting by a fireplace.

Being around people you love.

Getting into clean new bedsheets after a bath.

Love, E

Have an awesome day. Appleyeverafter.


Confessions of a serial hair dyer

Welcome to the confessions of a serial hair dyer.

Taking a trip down the memory lane. I was looking at old pictures and thought I’d do a hair post. When looking at the old pictures, “What the hell was I thinking” went through my mind a lot. Usually when it came to makeup. I won’t be sharing the too embarrassing ones but ill be sharing some, where my hair was different colours.

I dye my hair when I am bored, usually. This is the only reason. Even if it hasn’t faded and I recently dyed it. Id be bored and see a new colour or something and just do it. If only I “just do it’ in many things.

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