10 Happy Feelings

Just 10 happy feelings for now.


Quiet Mornings.

Drinking warm cup of tea.

Watching a sunset or sunrise.

Scents that brings happy memories.

Watching a heavy rain when all warm and cosy inside.

Night drives with music on high volume.

Bonfire at the beach in summer.

Sitting by a fireplace.

Being around people you love.

Getting into clean new bedsheets after a bath.

Love, E

Have an awesome day. Appleyeverafter.


Boulevard of broken dreams

I love that song by green day.

Not going to lie. I do miss London a lot and can’t wait to be back. I have been enjoying it here too, even though the weather is very hot and it’s kind of near impossible to go out in the day.  I’ve been here for more than a month now and it feels like my ‘other’ life is on hold.

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Fashion Haul – River Island et H&M

Lately,I have been pretty busy. At uni, its that time again; the dreaded assignments and preparation for exams. i had one exam for corporate law and i have three more to go as well as coursework. Basically we pay £9000 for work overload. I haven’t even bought some of the books thats required. *shrugs* eh, ill still pass!

I am also never sitting on the back of the bus, especially when the bus is busy and you sit there wondering how the hell you are going to get off the bus smoothly. Well, i didn’t. i managed to fall on a strangers lap (mortified) while someone else helped me not to fall further. Head down, straight outta the bus, i couldn’t bear to look at anyones face.

My life aside, on Friday i went to Oxford street which i usually avoid but i had to go as i was already in central London, well the south of the river. I walked from there to embankment, I’m sure the view was beautiful but i was too tired and sleepy to notice- thanks to a lack of sleep. i got the tube halfway and got off at oxford street.

First stop was H&M. i saw a pretty pale yellow dress as soon as i got in and i picked it up to try, then i saw a white lace dress and also picked up a black trousers as well as basic black vest top and few other dresses which i didn’t buy. Paid and left.

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Appley ever after story

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday. A lovely friend has designed this cool logo, a while back.

appley ever after

and i modelled the new cool shirts out while in Bahamas.

IMG_0444_Fotor_Collage DSC02553

No idea, how that hair managed to fly. DSC02543_Fotor

Skirt – Boohoo.com (unfortunately same one sold out)

Cardigan – boohoo.com (similar here)

Shirt – Appley ever after

Shoes – grattan.co.uk (smilar  here)

Bracelet – littlewoods.com

Lipstick – MAC ruby woo 

Its evident that, i love online shopping!

Photography by M. Turton

Love, E.Z


Enchantment of the seas

Day 1 and 2.

Enchantment of the seas was the name of the ship. We didn’t have to wait long to get on it: the check in control was quick and we were inside soon. The ship was beautiful and it was11 floors, we got on it from 4th and walked it up to the 9th for food, i was starving. i didn’t know i was that unfit until i had to climb the stairs from 4th to 9th floor – that was hard and i was quite out of breath, i also had my heavy backpack with me too but soon forgot about that when i saw the buffet with lots of food. food is the best! After eating, we went to explore around, looked at the shop, got our name badges, then finally went to our rooms. Luggage took bit of a time to arrive, this is why i don’t like giving in my luggage and i rather drag it along with me.

Dinner was around 8pm, i don’t remember much of the first day – only that i was seasick because the waves were very strong, it felt like being very very drunk and dizzy. i thought to myself; ships aren’t for me and i wanted to go home…this soon changed.

Next morning i was feeling better. Woke up around 8/9am-ish, went for breakfast buffet where i filled my plate up with a lot of carbohydrates. After breakfast and meeting, we got changed into summery clothes and went back to eat more: this time i managed to climb the stairs from 2nd floor to 9th floor and it felt good. (did i get fit in a day?)  Ship had arrived in Nassau, Bahamas and we were allowed to go offshore to explore.

Them colourful little house looking things were the markets, where they sold food, touristy stuff, handmade goodies. Being a massive candle fan and seeing very pretty looking candles made me want to buy them however ships doesn’t allow candles, so i settled for buying unusual and pretty soaps to take back home as gifts from a place called my ocean.

We went down to the beach which was called ‘cabbage beach’ with a taxi with a funny driver who doubled as a tour guide…a poetic tour guide. Me being me, decided to take the English weather to the cabbage beach – it was quite windy and the waves were quite strong therefore it was kind of empty; on a positive note more space for us.

cabbage beach

cabbage beach

and this is what i wore.



Top – Vest top, (can’t remember. H&M always has vest tops)

Skirt – Boohoo (similar here)

Shoes- sandals h&m (got it last summer)

Sun glasses – Ralph Lauren

It was a fun day, later there was more food involved and we got changed into a cocktail attire for the dinner.

Appley ever after

Love, E.Z