Things I learned in London. #2

I had a ‘Things I learned in London‘ post last year and I thought I’ll make a part 2.


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Life Lately / Instagram lately

A little update to inform that i am still alive. Life lately has been quite productive, I have a few posts planned which i will finalise soon. I am back at Uni and I have an exam and an assignment deadline next week so i occupied myself with that this week and planning on just revising. Well just these two weeks then I’m a bit free for a while and then my next exams are mid May.

I did pop into Oxford street today on the way to Uni to return something and i went into House of Fraser but didn’t buy anything because of my new budgeting idea, but i still felt like a kid in a sweet shop and needless to say i was a little late to the lecture. I also fell in love with a song called ‘Wonderland’ by Alejandro de Pinedo in the Mango store. Such a chilled and relaxing song – great for revision.   Continue reading