Paris, it is the one i love

Whole of Sunday was spent quite in a hurry…except the eating time and we do eat a lot. most of our money went on food.

first thing we did was find a place to buy baguette, it was in the morning and most of the shops were closed. We went into a local crepe cafe. i ordered one with eggs, cheese and sausage along with a coffee, my friends ordered similar. It was small but a very busy place and only one waiter (who was also good-looking, is it a requirement in Paris?). The food looked delicious, it tasted great and was very filling. We then bought our baguette (i love French bread) and macarons to take back to London.

egg, cheese and sausage crepe.

egg, cheese and sausage crepe.



again walked through Jardin du Luxembourg to get to Saint Michel metro. On the way we realised we need to buy locks and then we came across a lovely Patisserie where we bought macarons.

our lock for the lock bridge. attempted heart and wing.

our lock for the lock bridge. attempted heart and wing.

More macarons

More macarons

We walked further towards Notre Dame Cathedral.

picture, from the previous night.

picture, from the previous night.

We walked along the river towards the lock bridge to put our lock there. i loved the art that was sold on the way, pavement along the river. I didn’t know where to put it on the way back otherwise i would’ve bought one.

There were so many locks and some locks were taken out as it weighs down the bridge. There were a lock from ages ago;1993 was one of them. I wonder if those people are still together, i would like to know their story. Im quite a nosy person, and interests me to know the lives of others. We managed to find a place to attach or little padlock.

After our lock ceremony, and few selfies later we got on the bus towards north of Paris, Galleries Lafayette but when we got off the bus it was quite dark, hardly anyone on the streets and we had no idea where we were. As soon as we saw a Metro station we got in and few changes later ended up in Montmartre then Pigalle. The sleazy part of Paree, lots of adult shops and even an adult museum, oh also a guy openly asking us if we wanted to buy drugs. Nevertheless, we finally saw the Moulin Rouge. 

moulin rouge, pigalle

And then Louvre, Opera was the last place of the night where we were a tourist.




louvre paris


natural-ish makeup

We were pretty tired but it was our last night in Paris so we decided to celebrate with food and cocktails, although the initial plan was to go clubbing…again, we decided against it when we found a perfect but a bit expensive restaurant called cafe l’atelier in Montparnasse, Vavin. area. They had the most amazing pizza i have ever ate and  lovely cocktails.


I think you could say its pretty expensive, i mean a bottle of water costed €8.5, I’m still not sure how.

The last day, we only had few hours until our flight so we decided to eat as much as we can. We did a little sightseeing, tried to find a place to eat frog legs- we found one but it was opening late. We gave up on the frog legs and settled to try escargots.

We had a great time after many food, hot drinks, walking and ‘vous parle Anglais?’ Later it was time for home. We did have thoughts of running away and staying in Paris for maybe a week or two longer, (i’d stay more). Last time when i was in paris; April 2012 i said ill come back again which i did, after 3 years. I think, ill go back again. Paris is my favourite city, it has a charm to it and just makes you fall in love with itself. Now, Paris in the summer is a must!

Paris in the afternoon is charming. Paris in the evening is enchanting. But Paris after midnight, is magic. – Midnight in Paris.

Au revoir, Paree. till next time. Appley ever after.

Love, E.Z


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