10 Happy Feelings

Just 10 happy feelings for now.


Quiet Mornings.

Drinking warm cup of tea.

Watching a sunset or sunrise.

Scents that brings happy memories.

Watching a heavy rain when all warm and cosy inside.

Night drives with music on high volume.

Bonfire at the beach in summer.

Sitting by a fireplace.

Being around people you love.

Getting into clean new bedsheets after a bath.

Love, E

Have an awesome day. Appleyeverafter.


Life got in the way

Someone asked me why I don’t do that something anymore and I replied with “life got in the way” and he laughed at me.

Not a usual kind of post today, I just wanted a little ramble.


I have been blogging for little over a year now, I try post often and I am very glad I have started. The other day I was going through old posts and thinking I should probably document more on my life to look back in the future but without being way too personal.  Continue reading

How to be organised

A fun Monday post. Starting it with how to be organised.

be organisedEveryone wants to be organised, but the worldwide known thing called ‘laziness’ wouldn’t allow that to manifest into our reality.

I have tried and tasted many methods to this, seriously. I am a self proclaimed ‘lazy perfectionist’. I always get things done, but I would need to motivate and organise myself in a way that I would do it. These are just general tips on becoming a more organised person.

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Sunday Scribbles 

just a quick update from my iPad. I’m currently in Azerbaijan (a place where hardly anyone knows where it is, and some know it from the Eurovision Song Contest). I’ll be back to London towards the end of August. I just hope until then I have somewhat of a decent tan.

I had an operation, on Thursday.  I look like the mummy and It will take me  about two weeks to recover therefore I won’t be able to do travel and fashion posts for a while. The operation was Rhinoplasty if anyone was wondering.

I have been putting the blog on the back burner a bit due to sorting out stuff to do with operation and other things that was going on but I will still do a few posts from my iPad.

Lastly, I have started writing my book (finally), writing is my passion and I would love to make something out of it (I will :D) and be a writer! I have started on one book (chicklit) and have ideas for few others. I have also passed all my exams, yaaaay so bring on third year. Ironically I found that I was much better with the number part of the exams.

Thanks for bearing with me.

Au revoir, stay Appley ever after.




Love, E. Z 

Sunday scribbles

Time for a ramble. I have a bit of a freedom from revising so I thought I’d do some blogging and inform that I’m still alive. I’m quite excited for after the exams, although I would need to catch up on sleep for like a month….seriously I could sleep for a month. I have a lot of things lined up, which just came about randomly; I’ll be attended a maroon 5 concert which I’m looking forward to as I love them. I will also be attending the wireless festival in June, as well as going on holiday and also seeing some old friends which I haven’t seen in ages. I am also looking forward to being active in the blogging world, I missed it sooooooo much, it is definitely a great part of my life and I’m so glad I have started it. Long story, short I have a lot of things planned.
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